How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

August 3, 2022

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Dental implant

If you’re missing teeth, you know just how difficult it can be to complete daily tasks, like chewing your food, speaking clearly, and smiling with confidence. Fortunately, there are a variety of tooth replacement options out there, like dental implants, that can transform the appearance and function of your smile. One factor you should consider when choosing a method to replace your missing teeth is longevity. Continue reading to learn how long dental implants can last.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are considered to be a permanent tooth replacement option. They can last more than three decades and even the rest of your life if you care for them properly. There are a few different factors that contribute to the life of your dental implants. Here are a few of the most prominent ones:

  • Overall health
  • Gum health
  • Location of the implant
  • Proper maintenance

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Implants?

There are many things that can contribute to the life of your dental implants. Here are a few steps that you should be taking to keep your implants healthy for as long as possible:

  • Dental Hygiene: The crown that is attached to your dental implant isn’t susceptible to tooth decay like your natural teeth are, but this doesn’t mean that you can neglect your oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing each day is necessary to keep your gums and surrounding teeth in good health. If you end up with gum disease, you are much more likely to experience a dental implant failure.
  • Proper Use: Your dental implants are made to help you chew your food, hold in saliva, and prevent bone loss. You shouldn’t be using them to pop bottles, open packaging, chew on ice, or bite on your fingernails. You could end up damaging them.
  • See Your Dentist: You should see your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups to keep your smile healthy. This is especially important when you have dental implants. If you have any issues, your dentist will be more likely to catch them early on so they can be restored to health.

Dental implants have many different benefits, but you won’t be experiencing them for very long if you aren’t caring for your smile as well as you should. By using the tips listed above, you can maintain a healthy, complete smile for many years down the road!

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