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Every day at Rio Vista Dental, we are dedicated to helping our patients find their smile again. Whether you need to replace one tooth or several, we can help. Advancements in dental implants have allowed us to replace missing teeth with ease and help to obtain the most natural-looking results. The convenience of having an on-site lab means that we can not only improve affordability but also reduce overall treatment time. Often, we can even offer same-day care. Our skilled lab technicians have spent years perfecting their craft and are ready to help you achieve your perfect smile. Both English and Spanish are spoken in our office so give us a call today to set up your free consultation.

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Single Implants and Bridges

Our office is a trusted source in the San Marcos community for dental implants placement and restoration. Dental implants are the most advanced option for tooth replacement and smile rehabilitation, and as a dentist in San Marcos, our office offers all phases of the treatment procedure. When your smile has been damaged for whatever reason – injury, decay, disease – you’ll find a compassionate team dedicated to addressing your oral health issues and helping you overcome them comfortably at Rio Vista Dental.

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Same Day Teeth

When it comes to dental implants, patients usually believe that the relatively lengthy treatment time involved is worth it since they’ll be gaining one or more durable and lifelike teeth that are permanent replacements. However, some may prefer a speedier procedure, especially when it comes to replacing an entire row of teeth. What could be faster than achieving a full and functional smile in a single day? Dr. David Earnest and his San Marcos dental team are happy to share the news with you that Same-Day Teeth live up to their name! With their help, you’ll be able to walk into our San Marcos dental office with a damaged and incomplete smile and leave with a dazzling new look!

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Implant-Retained Dentures

Traditional dentures have been the default tooth replacement option for hundreds of years, but some patients find that their needs just aren’t met when wearing them. They can feel bulky and unnatural, not to mention slippery, which might lead to potentially embarrassing social situations. Thankfully, it’s now possible for patients to experience the best of both worlds with help from Dr. David Earnest and his team in San Marcos, TX. At Rio Vista Dental, we offer implant-retained dentures, which combine the ease and affordability of dentures with the transformative, stable power of implants!

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