Our Implant Dentistry Services for San Marcos

Are you missing teeth? Do you have badly damaged teeth that are in need of extraction? At Rio Vista Dental, we understand the importance of regaining a full, functioning smile as soon as possible – that’s why our team offers dental implants as a revolutionary reconstructive solution that’s durable, long lasting, and beautifully lifelike. Dr. David Earnest can perform both the placement of your new implants and their restoration right here in our San Marcos, TX dental practice for a convenient and quality experience.

Dental implants are designed to match the structure of your natural tooth, root and all. These posts are made of tough, biocompatible titanium, and they’re placed directly into the jawbone. Once in position, the patient’s natural bone and tissue bonds with them, creating a strong foundation for eventual restorations. Before their implants are placed, some patients might need a bone grafting procedure to build up their jawbone and maximize the probable success of the procedure. Whether you need one new tooth, several new teeth, or an entire arch, our team wants to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! We love seeing patients from San Marcos, Seguin, Northcliff, and other nearby areas.

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